How to Create A Recruitment Video

Time for another article on what the heck we actually do! Sometimes it’s hard to understand why the price of a video seems high. I mean it’s just a video, right? This article is going to give you an idea of what the process is, for a broader overview of what to expect from Torch7 check out our 7 step process to creating epic videos.

First Stage

We start with a concept meeting at On-Core Bookkeeping.  The owner, Lynn Gagne Webb, our Production/Director, and Marketing Scriptwriter sat down to come up with the idea.  As a team we create a storyboard, build a script, and get the plan together.

Script Writing

Going over the script with Lynn

Next step!

In animation, we would send a picture to the illustrator, but for live action, the first stages move a little quicker. Location Scouting! We headed over to On-Core Bookkeeping to plan our shots and go over the script with everyone before our main cameraman, Adam arrived. The staff practiced there lines, discussed changes, and made sure everyone was looking their best.

Loction scoutingLogo WallDiscussing process


Our wonderful cameraman, Adam got there just as we all finished up. After a quick walkthrough of the location and shots needed, he set up his gear and was ready to go.

Filming Lynn Filming Boardroom Film with PamCoaching Lynn

The staff was so relaxed and accommodating, letting us interrupt their day to get the right shots. Lynn’s commanding presence took very little coaching to make her pop on screen.

While the filming is going on, Cassie, our amazing audio production expert, took the staff into a quiet room and recorded all the voiceovers.

Finishing it Off

Now it’s time for post-production. This takes up the most amount of time, by far.

Regardless of video style, the basic process is the same. The more detailed the scene, the longer and more intensive the editing process. At this point we manipulate and rearrange the video shots and other post-production tasks include titling, colour correction, sound mixing, etc. The main goals throughout this stage is to remove any unwanted footage and choose the clips we like the most, create a flow to the video, add effects, graphics, voiceovers, sound effects and a soundtrack and finally give the video a particular angle, its viewpoint, style, pace and mood to convey our message.

So why a recruitment video? A recruitment video can help prospective employees see if they are the right fit for your business and it is also what we would call a ‘soft sell’.  It’s a very effective way to show what an amazing team you have, and will put a face to your business, your prospective client will feel more comfortable buying your products or services. This style of video marketing will explain your companies services in a different way, which is a great opportunity to wow potential clients. It’s a great base to build your marketing around or to compliment what you already have. Check out the video below for more information.

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