Marketing professionals, branding experts, web designers and just about anybody who is anybody online are eager to create videos that will pop, as part of their digital marketing strategy. Is it as easy as pressing record on your DSLR?
Let me take you through our process at Torch7 Creative. It will save you some time; you get to skip the pitfalls and go straight to creating epic videos!

target_customer1. Reaching the right audience.
Start by getting to know your clients and their businesses, you will need to know about the target market your customer wants to reach, this also gives your client an opportunity to share their ideas with you and what they hope to achieve with their video.

Scriptwriting2. Scriptwriting is King.
Now you need to work on the script. I cannot emphasize enough how important scripting is to a video project.  I work with professional writers who are experts in content marketing and SEO. The script is key to a successful explainer video, it’s the foundation upon which the video will be designed. It is also the first tangible deliverable that can be shared with a client.

voiceover3. The perfect Voiceover.
Once the script has been completed, I bring in our professional voiceover specialists. Have you ever noticed that if you are watching a video and the audio is good, but the visuals are bad, it’s still watchable? But if the sound quality is poor, no one will want to watch it! Using quality equipment and technical expertise at this stage can save lots of work trying to correct mistakes later on in the editing process.

Crystal_Dallner-Studio_Of_Ideas.00_01_00_14.Still0014. Show and tell.
At this stage, I like our clients to see where the project is heading. If we are using 2D cartoon characters, we like to share our creations and get some feedback before we start creating our masterpiece. This can save you a lot of wasted work and frustration, always make sure the customer is happy with each stage of the process.

location5. Location, Location, Location.
Looking at the script and client preferences, decide on locations and arrange shooting schedules. We work with our camera technicians to organize what equipment and staffing will be needed. We also create a more detailed storyboard for the camera crew and discuss shots, lighting, and b-roll footage.

animation6. At the Movies.
We are almost finished! At this stage, you will need to do all your filming and post-production work. We do our animated explainer videos in-house. Our writers, voice-over experts, animators, and graphic artists work together to produce a work of art that is optimised for google and provides a foundation to head up any digital marketing campaign!

smile7. The Final Say.
Give your clients the final word. At Torch7 Creative, we offer our customers the opportunity, at the end of our process, to watch their business videos, and tell us about any revisions they would like to see. Customer satisfaction is the key. At torch7, we get tremendous pleasure from our clients loving the work we do, and we encourage our employees to go the extra mile to achieve an excellent video for all our customers.

Well, I hope you found our 7 step process to creating epic videos useful, we could go into more detail, but that’s for another post.

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