Zammys Gear New Explainer Video!

It always blows my mind, what we can achieve, when we work together!  At Torch7, I have the privilege of seeing an idea grow from that first client meeting; to a storyboard and script, then finally into an amazing work of art that is the collaboration of a group of individuals who strive to be the best at what they do!

In this blog, I talk about those talented people behind the scenes creating these visual stories.

Who first? Where does it start?

It always starts with the client! We want to hear your story, what makes you so passionate about what you do? How did you get started in the business? What is your secret sauce?
As producer/director I meet with our clients to discuss their ideas, I understand the whole process and have, at one time or another, worked in all areas of animation production. This allows me to advise the client and provide vital information about timelines, project deliverable and goals.
A good scriptwriter is vital, and we only work with the best! Our lead writer is a marketing expert, and guest columnist in a newspaper. She has experience working in the media including Radio and Television where she wrote TV and radio commercials.
Now comes the storyboard, we are going through change at Torch7, we have recently started working with an amazing storyboard artist to give our clients and animators greater visual instructions, that way we are all following the same storyline, and when it comes to animation, no time is wasted trying to interpret the script!
Our next expert is our lead illustrator, he’s won Adobe awards in illustration, and looking at the artwork in Zammys Gear Explainer video, I think you can see why. The character detail is always amazing and style is very unusual. He has worked on many exciting projects over the years and has published work in New Zealand, Australia, England and Thailand.
Moving on to our professional voiceover artists, we work hundreds!!! This gives us the variety we need to match the voice with the style and content of the animation.
Finally, all the parts of the project are given to our animators  this is where the magic happens! All the ideas we have shared, the script, storyboard and voice-over are weaved together into a coherent message. Our animators are experts in motion graphics they can bring life to any object or character, showing the character’s internal thoughts and feelings through its external physical motion. Their animations are always entertaining to watch, employing good timing and relying on individualised, believable characters to put forth humour and emotion.

Come and spend time with this amazing team and create your story TODAY!

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