New Adventures At Edmonton Valley Zoo

All About the Storyboards

As you know, I’ve worked with the Edmonton Valley Zoo 3 times now, and I absolutely adore it. I love the animals, so it’s lovely to see them all when I go there for meetings. We walked around a bit, got to see some tiny goeldi’s monkeys, which were too cute, and we even stopped by to say hello to the agouti, Torch7’s adopted animal.

We were brought in to work with the Edmonton Valley Zoo because they liked our previous promotional video for the Zoo, Adopt an Animal and The Eterni-tree.  We got the call and headed out to meet Jasmine Spraakman,  Experiences Program Manager, and Debi Winwood, Communications Advisor.

What an exciting time it is at the Zoo, you don’t want to miss this! Jasmine and Debi discussed with us the unveiling of  Agents of Discovery oh… you just have to visit the zoo and try out their FREE interactive app, it is so much fun!

If any of you have seen the last blog about working with the zoo, you would know all about the first project we did which featured Pip the Red Panda.

For this endeavour, we are currently working on a promotional video for their new app, which features Steve, a North American River Otter (who you will meet when you play the Agents of Discovery game). The Zoo wanted something new and fun for the app campaign, currently, they are using billboards.

Today’s meeting was all about the storyboards and scripts, which is the final stage before we start animating!

As well as going over the storyboard, we also went over the script to make sure that the Zoo was 100% satisfied with our creative storyline. It’s very important to us that we listen to what the client wants. We added some things, took some things out, and made it as Zoo-y as we possibly could!

Zoo-tique and Eterni-Tree

We stopped by the gift shop, called Zoo-tique, to get a few pics.  The store is involved in the app, as players will go there to collect their prizes. We thought it would be a great opportunity to show you what it looks like inside and out!  The store has all kinds of incredible artwork, stuffed animals, and other trinkets.


Another important part of our trip to the zoo was to drop by the Eterni-Tree.

The Eterni-Tree is part of the Leaf-a-Legacy program. It is a very important part of the Zoo. Basically, the Leaf-a-Legacy program is a Public Capital Campaign and a source of funding for Nature’s Wild Backyard, which is one fo the new additions at the Edmonton Valley Zoo. When you make a donation, you get your name written on a metal leaf and put onto the tree. Buying a leaf really helps to secure our Zoo for future generations.  (You can donate here).

Check back at our blog to see the next part of the process of creating our Agents of Discovery app animation!

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