Creation of promotional video for the Valley Zoo Development Society

Creating A Promotional Video

It’s no big secret, I love animals. So when Tammy, from Edmonton Valley Zoo Development Society asked us to create a promotional video for the Zoo, I was ecstatic.

This video production is primarily to support the Eterni-Tree project, and why it’s important to the Red Pandas, not only in our local zoo but worldwide. The Leaf-a-Legacy program is the cornerstone of the Valley Zoo Development Society’s Public Capital Campaign and a funding source for Nature Wild Backyard  the newest development at the Edmonton Valley Zoo. Buying a leaf helps guarantee that future generations are able to visit and see your commitment to helping build, not only our zoo but our community. What better way than with a promotional video explaining the Eterni-Tree project and Leaf-A-Legacy program. Check out some of the renderings of what the new exhibit, Nature’s Wild Backyard, will look like.


We started with the storyboard, 6 basic scenes for a 1-minute video which gave me a launching point for backgrounds while Crystal, from Studio of Ideas, wrote our script. Nick, Our illustrator, created some beautiful animal illustrations of some, of the endangered animals in the program like the kookaburra bird and the Goebbels monkey, but the highlight of this video is Pip The Red Panda

Pip the Red Panda

This project was a much different style than the video we made for Nyssa from Nyche Marketing.

We broke it down into scenes and animated each scene individually!
A spinning globe…

And grow a tree

Here, we used an actual photo taken at the zoo plus the power of Adobe Photoshop to create a cartoon background!


Courtesy of Tammy Wiebe, Executive Director at Valley Zoo Development Society,  we went on a field trip to the Edmonton Valley Zoo, for our ‘on location’ filming, and got to experience the new exhibits already in place.

Tammy Tina and Tammy Tina Filming

This was my first visit, and man, what an amazing place!

Now back to the animation.  As it turns out, making a quadruped walk is very different than a human, so we had to learn new walk cycles. Who would have thought making a tail move naturally would throw me through a loop! We spent far too much time getting Pip’s tail swish just right. Even picking out her voice; one was too childish, one had a hum that just wasn’t quite right. I went through the final video frame by frame looking for little quirks to fix. Keep in mind we animate at 30 frames per second and the video is 1 minute, 5 seconds long.

Finally, My favourite part; the reveal!

The Zoo loved it! It was exactly what Tammy was looking for in a promotional video. Music to our ears!

Let us know what you think of the promotional video in the comments below.

Why not get involved, and buy your own leaf! At

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