Nyche Marketing Explainer video is a hit!

I always get very excited the first time I show a completed video to one of our clients. However many times I do it, it never gets old.  I love what we do and I want the client to love what we do too!

We have been working with Nyssa Cromwell, the owner of a content marketing agency ‘Nyche Marketing‘ to create a 60 second explainer video.  Nyssa was kind enough to let us use some of the stills from her project in the blog post How to Create An Explainer Video. When we revealed the animated video to Nyssa, she loved it but still had a couple of small changes that she wanted to make.  Sometimes we find that it is only once we see the full video in front of us, we can pick out, more easily, something that doesn’t fit or may not be clear.  This is why we have a final revision stage at Torch7. We work with clients to make sure that the product we provide is exactly what the client wants.

Check out Nyssa’s video and feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your own custom explainer video! Contact Us

Nyche Marketing does a great job and an explainer video will help their customers understand what they do, sell their services in seconds and gain more visitors to their website!

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