I want to grow my business!

Growing your business isn’t easy, there are no hard and fast rules in business growth, as I am learning. I thought it might be helpful for me, and anyone out there who is interested, to blog my progress. I wish I had written about this earlier, but it is still very early on in my growth strategy, to be of use to people who really want their business to succeed and grow. I am not a trained business coach, just a run of the mill business owner with hopes, dreams and aspersions for my business, that I am willing to work on, in a practical way, to make a reality!

These are some of the subjects I will be touching on through my personal experience;

Networking groups, are they right for you?
Building a power team with your business partners.
Marketing essentials. Web sites, graphic design, printers and marketing consultants.
Time management cost savings and balance.
Working with subcontractors.
Working with a business strategist; is it worth the investment?
Can you streamline your business?
Bookkeepers, accountants, CRA -taxes and other scary stuff!
Virtual assistants, do they work?
Who am I? Do I need a mission statement?
What about branding…?

One of the major obstacles I hear,  from other business owners I work with is  “I am too busy working in my business to work on my business?”

MAKE TIME – It really is that simple! Get up an hour early, or stay up an hour later, whatever works for you. If you have time to watch an episode of ‘Game of Thrones’ or go to a ball game, then you have time. If you have time to go get a pedicure or meet your girlfriends at ‘Earls’ for a night out, then you have time!  I am not saying that you shouldn’t have a social life, work/life balance is important, but how much do you want to grow?  Are you willing to put in the hard work?  Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is? These are the hard question I asked myself before I started on this new adventure.

Be honest.  Are you happy with the business you have, just plodding along and gradually adding a few more clients each year? (there is nothing wrong with that if that is what floats your boat).  Or do you have a dream that sees your product or service being used and appreciated by our global community?!?
If the second option is you (that is the one I chose, by the way) then you have to make it happen! You have to invest in yourself with time, knowledge and money to achieve your goals.

My journey began about a year ago when I made the decision and the commitment to get off my butt and change my dreams into a reality…….stay tuned to my blog and come along for the ride!

…To be continued!

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