3D animation – What’s the big deal?

I am always coming up with new ideas, to offer my clients innovative ways to share their message, product or service.   3D animation brings the power of imagination and creativity to marketing. It gives you the opportunity, to share any concept with your customers in such a realistic environment that it’s hard to believe it’s not a real video. The motion and colour of animation grabs attention, explains instantly what you are offering customers, demonstrates what has yet to be realised and is a great tool which can even be tailored, to your target market.

There are different ways we can utilise 3D animation to ‘pump up your volume’ in the marketplace.

The first, and least expensive are Animated Logos, in the industry, these are often known as motion graphics.

Another way to use 3D to tell your business story, and create ‘curb appeal’ for your products, is by making a 3D explainer video. It works on the same premise as a 2D explainer video, and you can read about how to create one of these in my previous blog, “How to create an explainer video” There is definitely a move in the market, by the bigger conglomerates, to utilise this beautiful medium.

Check out Coca Cola’s Building…

So why bother with 3D animation, when you can just use real video? Well, it is often the case that you can’t actually use real video because in real-life, actors can’t fall off buildings, get up and walk away. You can not make a real actors head explode or their nose morph into a carrot without the help of some crazy stunt people and great CGI (Computer Generated Imagery). 3D animation can really take it to the next level, anyone who has ever played computer games knows the power of 3D graphics to give you a totally immersive experience, and 3D animation will have the same effect on prospective clients when they watch your explainer video!

Watch this space for a ‘behind the scenes’ take on creating a 3D video.

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