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  • Torch7 Creative has joined forces...
    with Marcomm Works!

    Torch7 has merged with Marcomm Works to better serve our customers together.

    Having worked with Marcomm, as a partner, for some time, we felt the extended services and expertise that the team at Marcomm Works brings to the table, in the field of branding, marketing communications and, public engagement, are a perfect fit for our clients.

    We continue to offer high-quality video and animation and are now positioned to offer many more services to assist our clients in all of their marketing communications, brand, public engagement and creative needs.


Trusted by these companies and more!

Looking for a creative way to capture new clients? Then you need a custom video.

Video is the easiest way to pre-sell prospects on your products and services. It allows potential clients to take in more information in LESS time, plus they’ll be able to see and learn exactly what your business is about.

Featured Video Services

Corporate Training Videos

Capture your team’s attention by showing an exciting and engaging video at your next team meeting. Not only will these videos be used over and over again for training team members, but you will also save money on training fees!

Business Explainer Videos

Want your business to stand out from the competition? A video will make others remember your business. It’s also the perfect medium for sharing your story, as it allows others to instantly feel like they already know you!

Demo Videos

Does it take you a bit of time to explain your business to others? Want to show the many uses for your new product or service? Then a demo video is the perfect solution for getting the message across to potential buyers in just seconds!

Why You Need a Video

Did you know that 88% of all online viewing is video? That’s right! It gets you right in front of buyers.

Just imagine if your video was seen by a CEO of a large corporation that you’ve always wanted to work with?

Yes, videos can spread that easily, because it’s so easy to pass along a video; and by doing so, it gets the word out about your business.
Who knows… maybe your video will go viral and get shared online by thousands of people!

Want to know the best news of all?

Just a few of the benefits we provide!

  • Save Time!

    You will save yourself lots of time from attending long meetings. Just hit the ‘send’ button while you forward along your catchy video to new prospects. And within minutes they’ll know all about your business products and services and why they need to buy from you.

  • Get the video you’ve been dreaming of!

    When our team of experienced and award-winning videographers, filmmakers, animators and writers walk hand-in-hand through the entire video process with you, you will receive a video that is exactly how you imagine it to be.

We guarantee that throughout EVERY stage of the video design that we will not move onto the next phase until you approve it and are completely satisfied with your video design.

We take pride in knowing that all of our clients are happy with their videos.

Fresh from the editing room!

We have just finished this emotive video about how the City of Edmonton is connecting government agencies, support groups and charities, encouraging and facilitating a collaborative approach to combating homelessness.

Watch the video to find out more…

Some testimonials from our clients

Nyssa Cromwell

Tina made my logo come alive!

Nyssa CromwellDigital Marketing Expert - Nyche Marketing
Nichola Elise

Thank you, Tina, for sharing your expertise with me and giving my website a “Torch” of colour.

Nichola EliseRealtor - Coffee to Keys